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I have stacks of books next to my bed. In my car. At my office. I am reading 10-12 books at any given time. But I know almost nothing about children's literature. I can spot an interesting picture book at the used book store. I know that looking for medals on the book covers is a good way to find authors who have won national awards (Newbery Medal, Caldecott Medal, Coretta Scott King Awards). I have a few childhood favorites I picked up for my kids. But that's about it. I don't like working off lists, like Top Sellers of 2018 or 100 All Time Best Children's Books. I'm an ENFP (check out Meyers Briggs if you don't know what these letters mean).

Follow Those Who Know Something

I have discovered I can curate a collection of interesting children's literature by following people on Instagram who know something. I'm visual. Seeing photos of the book and activities people created to go along with the book's theme tell me right away if it will be a win for our family. I add the books I like to my library reserve list or to my Amazon wish list right away so that I don't forget to look for them later.

Rebecca Schisler

Recovering academic and mom of two in St. Louis, MO. I like my children's books with a side of snark. (@snowyowlreads)


My favorite account I follow for Children's Literature recommendations is @snowyowlreads. Rebecca is funny and kind and loves gorgeous books that are meaningful. She has two girls about my kid's ages and lives right here in St. Louis. Many of her picks communicate messages concerning stewardship of the Earth, care for your neighbor, kindness to siblings, creating cultures of Hygee and warmth in the home, and just plain fun. All of the books I shared with my kids based on her recommendations were instantly loved. Follow her on Instagram and discover a few new books for yourself.

Flannel Kisses was one of Rebecca's recommendations for winter. Our family enjoys pjs, and real wood fires, and chocolate milk with whipped cream. We embrace all things Hygee in the winter. This book as been the perfect read while curled up in front of crackling fires. "This cozy, snow day book was sooo hygge before the non-Danish world became obsessed with hygge. What a crying shame that it's out of print because it's one of my top five winter reads for littles. (READ MORE HERE)

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