Registration for St. Louis City MOPS is $78 each semester.

This fee is only part of the total cost to run our MOPS group.

Our host church, Memorial Presbyterian Church, is graciously

supplementing our budget and staffing us with volunteers.

As a group we host two fundraisers a year so that we can

offer scholarships and supplement our budget. 

With growing family needs, many MOPS moms find themselves adjusting

to new lifestyles and financial situations. We want to include anyone who

wishes to join, and believe that all requests for assistance are based on sincere need;

therefore, we have scholarships available. We have found that when moms

make a financial investment to our MOPS group they tend to attend meetings

on a more consistent basis. We ask that moms contribute a minimum

amount for each semester. A payment plan can be used if that is helpful.


We have limited spots in our MOPS group due to childcare logistics.

Because of this we do not allow guests to visit our MOPS group. Everyone who attends MOPS must be a registered member.

Our group is typically full for the fall semester by September and we implement a waiting list.


Membership with MOPS International (separate from registration at St. Louis City MOPS at Memorial) is encouraged. You may register for

MOPS International by following this link. Our Group Code is - W2FV.

Most of our moms choose to have their babies on their laps until about 6-8 months old. After that our loving nursery workers will help you transition your sweet baby into the nursery. We try our best to help children enjoy and look forward to their time in MOPS KIDS.

After you register you can request to join our private Facebook Group for 2019-2020 by following this link.

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